SHLVES is a furniture design studio that balances thoughtful design with intentional simplicity.

Tiered Shelf Shadows
  • Our shelves are are designed to sit quietly in your home. We take inspiration from the restrained formal language of mid-century modernism and minimalism. Each shelf in our collection is functional and adaptable to ensure it becomes a treasured part of your home for years to come. 


    We believe that the longevity comes from intentional design as well as quality, sustainably sourced materials. All of our shelves are made from solid timbers. All our furniture is finished with non-toxic, low VOC finishes that are safe for you and safe for our environment. 

SHLVES was born out of the desire to create simple, clean furniture.

That desire led us to create a wide variety of storage spaces. As one thing led to another, it became clear that we truly love making shelves.

Today, we continue to make simple, modern furniture through our sister company SMPL.

Here, we seek to create a small but considered range of beautifully designed, consciously made shelving. SHLVES products are always bound by a simple mantra that they be pared-back staples to encourage a simpler way of living.