Bathroom Towel Rack

Our Favorite Bathroom Floating Shelves

For some of us, it feels like there's never enough counter space in the bathroom for our everyday essentials and toiletries. Luckily shelving of many styles exist no matter matter how big or small your bathroom is. Here are our favorite bathroom floating shelves.

Bathroom Towel Rack

It shouldn't shock you that one our favorite bathroom floating shelves is one that was specifically designed for the bathroom. Our Bathroom Towel Rack is a simple, yet awesome accessory that replaces what you likely already have: a towel rack, and ads a built-in shelf making it far more than just a place to put your towels. Use it to store your daily toiletries, nail clippers, brushes or whatever you need quick access to.

Bathroom Floating Shelf

Staggered Floating Shelves

Our staggered floating shelves come in two design options: Standard and Rounded. The only difference between the two is the soft curves on the rounded shelf.

We like them because they offer an interesting design style that isn't usually found in most bathroom shelves while still providing plenty of space for morning and evening products.

They're also super easy to install and are made of solid wood, as all our shelves are so they will certainly last a long time.

Rail Shelf

It comes at no surprise that we are huge fans of the Rail Shelf. It's compact design with it's built-in rail and included mason jar make it great for small spaces. Store items such as your hair brush, makeup, toothbrush and soaps. Plus hang your sponges and even your towels. Pretty cool, huh?

Entryway Shelf

Don't let the name fool you. The Entryway Shelf doubles as a fantastic shelf for your bathroom. It's multi-hook design lets you hang plenty of towels and sponges without the need for extra cooks. And because it has a shelf you can still easily store your everyday toiletries. 

Entryway Shelf

While there are still plenty of other shelves in our collection that will work great in the bathroom, these three are our favorite floating bathroom shelves. They all come in a your choice of maple, white oak, or walnut and are always built by hand in our furniture studio. They're also always sealed and finished in a high performance finish which keeps the wood looking natural while still repelling liquids and such.

Learn more about our materials and each of our products by visiting each product page.

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